SketchUp 2019 and V-Ray free download

SketchUp Pro 2019 Free Download Overview SketchUp Pro 2019 is faster and more powerful than ever, with bug fixes, system improvements, and shiny new features. Our full-featured desktop modeler is built to make anything your imagination can create. Everything you do in the SketchUp-inverse is now tied together with one single account to make modeling, […]

Common types of CNC Machines available in the market today

In 1949, the first CNC machines was invented. Since then, CNCs have evolved rapidly changing industries and manufacturing forever. Depending on your budget, time, work material, shape, and size of the product, you can choose from several types of CNC machines to make almost anything you want. we will discuss here some CNC machines: CNC Mills, […]

Best Free 2D CAD Drawing Software

What is CAD? CAD Computer-aided design or just CAD is the use of computers in the formation, modification, analysis, or setting of the behavior of a design. CAD software increases the efficiency of the designer, better the quality of the design improves documentation, and manipulates the database formed for manufacturing. The output of the CAD is often in […]

how to import STL or 3d in aspire

This command opens the File Open dialog window, allowing existing Aspire files (CRV3D extension) and importable 3rd party 3D files to be selected and opened. If you select a 3rd party 3D model format, the Orientate Model form will open (see below) to allow you to manipulate the 3D model before it is converted into […]


VECTRIC ASPIRE Overview Vectric Aspire Pro 2021 is a fast and powerful yet simple-to-use application designed to help engineers and designers create two and three-dimensional models for CNC router devices. It is a reliable application that performs the three-dimensional calculations required to determine the cutting direction, and finally, using the CNC cutting machines, it produces […]

3D Printed Chairs And Tables

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