christmas ball ornament designs

christmas ball ornament designs stl free download

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christmas ball ornament designs

We share a downloadable vector, and 3d files to reproduce the design of a discreet but functional calendar for the desktop.

Use a CNC cutting machine to carry out this project.

christmas ball ornament designs

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christmas ball ornament designs

Free Dxf cutting 3d relief design. Download it free and enjoy.

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These are a quick, fun, and are very lightweight. Each ball has the same cross-section and twist. The main differences are the size and number of arms.

  • Large ball: 80mm diameter, weighs less than 17g, takes about 6 hours to print
  • Small ball: 56mm diameter, weighs less than 9g, takes about 3 hours to print

These are part of my Christmas Collection.

I designed these using Affinity Designer (for cross-sections) and Blender (everything else).

The arms need support at multiple points to keep from warping and breaking if you\’re using an FDM printer. To make this quick and easy, I provided a version of each ornament with built-in supports. I still had Cura add supports, but only where the balls touch the build plate. For details, se the print settings below.Print Settings

Printer brand:



All-metal Mega




Infill:Optional 20% infill at the bottom of the model

Filament brand:


Filament color:

Silk Shine Emerald

Filament material:




  • Layer Thickness: 0.15mm
  • Walls: 0.4mm (1 line)
  • Top/Bottom thickness: 0.45mm (3 layers)
  • Build Plate Adhesion: Brim

If you have holes in your print (from the thin walls), I recommend increasing flow and/or print temperature. You might also decrease print speed and travel speed (I use 30mm/second and 80mm/second).


Infill is optional. They should print OK without it, but I added some just at the bottom of each ball. I used Cura\’s Support Blocker and Per Model Setting\’s \”Modify Settings for Overlaps\” to add 20% infill (Lines pattern) for the first 51mm for the large ball and 37mm for the small ball.


I recommend using the versions of the balls with built-in supports. You\’ll still need a little support for the first few layers (where the ball touches the build plate), but my supports make printing the arms of the ball easy. You can remove my supports with your bare hands (no tools) and they leave little or no marks on the print.

I recommend printing these with Cura-generated supports \”touching buildplate\” with a 60-65 degree overhang angle and a brim for the supports.

For support infill, use Concentric pattern, 10% density. Roof density of 75%, floor density of 50% works well and releases cleanly.

The small ball doesn\’t need any supports for the inside roof. I found it printed very cleanly.

The large ball printed well enough for my taste without supports for the roof. It print was a little rough, but it only shows if you pick the ornament up and look up from the bottom of the ornament. When it\’s hanging on a tree, you\’ll never see that part of it. There\’s enough space between the arms of the ornament that you could get tools in to cut up and remove supports if you want to add them, but I don\’t think it\’s worth the effort.

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