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get a free dxf patterns file for plasma and laser cutting

dxf patterns

Design files to make dxf patterns with CNC-based laser metal cutters. Cut files of these decorative abstract patterns can be downloaded for free.

dxf patterns are often used in architecture to divide areas. You can create quiet corners in residential or commercial areas using these architectural screens. The screen designs we have drawn for this project are in abstract style. This style is often used in modern architecture. Therefore, the materials you’ll choose for your panels should be in modern style.

As examples of these materials, weathered steel, plywood, MDF, acrylic, and plastic materials can be counted. If your choice is a metal screen, you can choose aged metal or coated metal. In coating materials, matte-looking materials such as bronze will add a relaxing ambiance to the divided area. If you use shiny metal material, it will reflect in bright areas. This may cause discomfort in the environment. The right choice for cutting metal materials is CNC-based metal plasma or laser cutters. If your choice is wooden materials, the most accurate material choices will be flexible materials such as MDF and plywood. If you are going to use MDF, you may need to do additional painting and varnishing on the surface. MDF is very absorbent.

You can also find more designs on our website

dxf patterns

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An uncoated mdf should not be used in a moisture-rich environment. Plywood, on the other hand, often has a coated surface and may not require additional painting varnishing. Acrylic material is mostly used in commercial areas. If you’ll prefer acrylic material, you can get support from an interior designer regarding color selection and panel placement. If you’ll prefer plastic in your decorative panels, it may be a great option to use Glow in dark paint plastic material for dimly lit spaces.

We published the pattern files of these decorative metal screen panels in eight different formats. Dxf and dwg files are in 2D CAD file formats. They are suitable for use in plasma, laser cutting machines, and CNC routers. You can open it in CAD software like Autocad and scale it to the dimensions you need.

dxf patterns

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