geometric line pattern

geometric line pattern vector cdr file

geometric line pattern Click on the download button and save the file on your computer to work, edit or customize your design. You can also find more 3D designs on our website 

geometric line pattern

We share a downloadable vector, and 3d files to reproduce the design of a discreet but functional calendar for the desktop.

Use a CNC cutting machine to carry out this project.

geometric line pattern

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geometric line pattern

Free Dxf cutting 3d relief design. Download it free and enjoy.

FilesThis item is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL file format) for ARTCAM, ASPIRE, CUT3D software applications. For CNC Routers. Not a vectric, not a bitmap file, not a G-code. NOT material wooden or plastic stuff. This item is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL file format) for ARTCAM, ASPIRE, CUT3D software applications. For CNC Routers. Not a vectric, not a bitmap file, not a G-code. NOT material wooden or plastic stuff.

You can easily modify files with any cam software. You can scale it as your requirements.

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geometric line pattern

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The file is available for instant download. After download, you will get a pdf, Dxf, eps, ai, artcam, file. The file is ready to cut and easy to modify. You can easily scale or modify files with any cad software. files can be opened with any cad software like AutoCAD, Artcam, Aspire, and Jdpaint.


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a computer-drawn 2d cad design.  After purchase, we deliver the digital files only. We don’t take or deliver any physical products.

design is for CNC machines only.

If you don’t know how to use this design maybe this is not for you. We recommend you learn about CNC first click her.

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Human skulls and punisher skull vector images that you can download for free. If you are looking for skull silhouette vector art files, these graphics are just for you.

Human skull icons are used in many areas such as graphics, tattoos, metal art, stickers, stencils,s and warning signs. There are so many areas of utilization and the abundance of people who use this symbol may scare you. I wonder if this symbol is a terrible symbol? Or should we be afraid of people who use this symbol? On the other hand, should you be afraid of us so that we made these drawings? Let’s explain together the answers to these questions and analyze why the icon is so popular.

geometric line pattern

Free seamless pattern vectors collection of 9 wonderful geometric designs. These square geometrical designs feature repeating patterns.

Geometric motifs provide us with advantages with their flexible usability features. Therefore, they are the most preferred patterns on different surfaces. Thanks to their repeating structure, they cover the surface applied by attaching to each other. We can cover an unlimited size surface with a geometric texture with a single symmetrical square motif. Thus, you can get decorative looks on empty surfaces.

Each repeating geometric pattern contains a mathematical symmetry. Therefore, they are mathematical and geometric works as well as artistic ones. In all the great civilizations up to the present day, the use of geometric motifs is at the forefront. The reason for this is that geometric patterns show the development of that civilization in different branches such as art, mathematics, and geometry together in a single work. We often see these works in architecture, wall decorations, carpet motifs, stained glasses, panels, tiles, windows, panel floors, and ceiling decorations.

geometric line pattern

In this project, we have designed 9 different easy, geometric, seamless patterns. When starting these designs, our aim was to meet the different usage needs altogether. First of all, after the drawing of the motifs, we made them be used as panels on CNC machines. Then we redrew these patterns as stencil patterns form. Finally, we made them suitable for use in graphics and printing. At the end of this long work, we have created a total of 27 designs belonging to 9 different motifs in 8 different file formats.

You can make wood or metal panels and grills with geometric templates we have prepared for CNC and laser cutting machines. Wood or metal panels are decorative objects for partitioning an area. You can also transfer these designs by engraving and etching to the surface of the materials you will use with CNC-based machines.

Geometric motifs can give your walls a great look. You can transfer these patterns to your walls using the Stencil technique. Besides, you can print on fabric, glass, ceramic, wood, metal, paper surfaces with these motifs. You can also use vector files of geometric designs in your graphic projects.

geometric line pattern

There are 8 different file formats available for download from these designs. If you use software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, you can open eps, cdr, dxf, and dwg files of these geometric designs with these. You can download the png pattern file for use in software such as Photoshop. If you are looking for a cut file for digital craft machines, the SVG file is compatible with these machines. The pdf is a printable geometric template file. Before starting the project, our aim was that the designs could meet different usage needs. We hope we have achieved this goal.

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