Han Duck playing STL


Han Duck playing STL Model for CNC Router

Model for CNC machine tools 3d relief for programm  like Artcam, Aspire or other programs. Router mill. STL format.
Before buying a model, make sure that you can import (not open directly) the model.
After payment, I am sending you the mail files in the STL format to your E-mail.
The model cannot be distributed to third parties in any media, including, cd, DVD uploaded to websites, FTP sites, or transmitted in any electronic way.
We don\’t ship the engraved product, you will only receive the digital file in .stl format by mail.
Original relief design, STL format, carefully designed and fully optimized, can be directly imported into Artcam and JDPaint software to generate tools and start production, can be widely used in wood carving, jade carving, stone carving, 3D printing, and other fields.
Professional design, trustworthiness, breakthrough tradition, and creativity.


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Han Duck playing STL